Celebrating Moms For Their Ultimate Sacrifice

This Mother's Day 2024

The life delivering team here at the Morning Center needs your help to continue the ministry of Christ. Being a mom isn't easy, but with your generosity we can support young moms and help bring the miracle of life into this world!

Our Mission

The Morning Center exists to partner with the local Church to provide prenatal through postpartum care to moms in need, in the name of Jesus.

A study by the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons states that more than 50% of the women interviewed chose abortion to "Make others happy", and 30% of those stated they were "Afraid they would lose their partner" if they did not abort.

Many of the strongest held reasons given for abortion relate to the complicated set of circumstances future mothers find themselves in. With the support they need, the choice for life can become an easy one.

Navigating the journey of pregnancy without support or resources is difficult.

Local Clinics

Local ministries equipped with professional medical equipment and loving hearts are here for you.

Local Clinics

Local ministries equipped with professional medical equipment and loving hearts are here for you.

We have a plan

To bring peace to the CHAOS and help you have a CALM pregnancy experience.
  • Prenatal Medical Care
  • Health Education
  • Birthing Plan and Delivery
  • Transition to Motherhood

Compelled by the love of Jesus, our hearts break for the struggling and undervalued mothers in our community.
We offer a team of licensed medical professionals along with the clinic and equipment they need to provide quality prenatal services.

We help deliver life

Sachmere’s story illustrates how your support of the Morning Center is making a difference.
Scared and overwhelmed she had decided to have an abortion. But it was kindness and compassion that led her to change her mind. At the Morning Center she found the staff that in her words cared more for her than she cared for herself. Today she is raising a beautiful baby boy. It’s a wonderful story that happens again and again at the Morning Center. The love of God shining through his people, bringing healing and hope.

Delivering life into this world is an honor and blessing that moms should be able to enjoy. When moms have the resources and the support, the journey to a calm pregnancy experience is within reach.

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NOTICE: This site is for informational purposes and does not provide medical advice. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. Do not rely on electronic communications or communication through this website for immediate, urgent, medical needs. This website is not designed to facilitate medical emergencies.

If you are needing to schedule a prenatal appointment please call the clinic located in your city. We do not schedule or respond to any requests for appointments through the messaging applications on this website.


P.O. Box 10528 Peoria, IL 61612-0528


1 (855) PRO-LOVE (1-855-776-5683)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Morning Center provides all its services at no charge.

    The Morning Center welcomes the opportunity to provide routine prenatal care for pregnant moms regardless of citizenship and/or legal status.

    The Morning Center seeks to provide routine prenatal medical care for pregnant moms experiencing healthcare insecurity. Income and insurance are not an issue. 

     Appointments for prenatal care are by appointment only.

    This varies depending on the location. Check the local tab for further info!

    The Morning Center seeks to provide routine Prenatal through Postpartum care – this can be limited by resources available to us, so it’s best to check with your local clinic! 

    Yes. The Morning Center provides STD/STI testing as part of routine prenatal care for its patients.

    The Morning Center aims to send annual tax statements by January 31st of the following year, although this frequently shifts to mid February. 

    The Morning Center is not a pregnancy resource center, but rather the next step in the Pro-Life Ecosystem. We do intentionally collaborate with pregnancy resource centers to make what can be a difficult time for women in need as seamless as possible.

    We have local tabs for each Morning Center location. You can take a look from the ‘Local Clinics’ drop-down!

    The Morning Center provides ultrasounds as part of our care, which can be used to determine the baby’s sex – new clinics may not have found an ultrasound tech yet, so be sure to ask your local clinic. 

    Our volunteer program is a work in progress, you can fill out a volunteer form from the local clinic tabs and we will do our best to connect!