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The Morning Center is very excited to be partnering with Reaver Diamond in serving moms in need. Are you familiar with donating your car to pay for public radio programming? This is pretty much the same idea. Here is how it works:

  1. You expresses interest in donating item(s).
  2. You contact either Steve or Chris Reaver to discuss item and approximate potential value over the phone.
  3. You (must be 18 years or older) agrees to send item to Reaver Diamond for official appraisal evaluation.
  4. Reaver Diamond sends an email with an executable disclosure document assuring verifying item ownership. that the item is owned by the that makes it easy for the individual to mail their item to Reaver Diamond. Reaver Diamond block insurance will cover the item when shipped via USPS. It is also highly recommended that individual photographs their item before mailing.
  5. Once Reaver Diamond receives the item they will do the following:
    1. Photograph the item
    2. Analyze and appraise the item
    3. Call you back with an exact quote
  6. You have 7 days to decide if they want to move ahead with the donation or have your item(s) returned at your expense. All decisions are final.
  7. Once the decision is made to donate your item and all paperwork is executed, the Morning Center will be notified of your donation amount and will send a donation receipt to the you once the check from Reaver Diamond has been received.
  8. Reaver Diamond and MC will coordinate list to make sure there is concurrence on donors and donation amounts.


What if the value of my item is WAY less than I thought it would be?

You are under no obligation until you have signed that you agree with the appraisal amount and sign the contract demonstrating you want to make the donation to the Morning Center for the agreed upon amount.

Is this basically like those commercials that ask me to mail in my jewelry but are really just scamming me?

Absolutely not. Think of this like when you donate a car to pay for public radio programming. It is the same concept. Reaver Diamond has an impecable reputation, not like those fly-by-night late night television operations.

Why do I have to pay shipping?

The cost to ship is a reasonable expense for the amount of time your piece will be given and the information you will receive.

How will I know if the Morning Center gets my donation?

Once accepted Reaver Diamond will email the Morning Center notice of donation acceptance and mail a check to the Morning Center for the agreed upon amount. The Morning Center will then send out an acknowledgement email. If you have questions you are welcome to contact the Morning Center directly.

What the heck does the 25% cover?

It covers the marketing to sell the item since the donation is being paid up front. It also covers the administration costs to assist donors, analysis and appraisal, cost to insure etc.

What is the minimum value amount that is considered?


How do I designate my gift? (National, Atlanta, Memphis, etc.)

Once the decision is made to move forward with the donation at the accepted appraisal amount, you will let Reaver know if you would like to designate your gift. (Internal – Reaver Diamond will email all client info and designation. Then they will mail the check in 5 to 7 business days)

I paid a retail amount of a certain amount, but how come my appraisal is so low?

There are a lot of considerations. The sale-ability of the item is very important. Think of it like this: Marque Diamonds use to be popular and in high demand. Today a diamond cutter will not even buy it. So market trends come in to play. The age of the piece also matters. The condition comes in to play as well.