James H. Vernier, MD

James H. Vernier, MD is a board certified anesthesiologist, licensed to practice medicine in 3 states, and has also spent time practicing in the rural mountain regions of Mexico on many short-term mission trips over the past two decades. Dr. Vernier has had a strong interest in the origins of the political and religious freedoms for which our forefathers sacrificed dearly, and the rapidity at which these freedoms are being eroded in our nation.

Now residing in middle Tennessee, Dr. Vernier, with his family, continues to explore and pursue the work to be done in rebuilding the foundation of law through introducing individuals and families to a right relationship with their Creator. This involves a recognition that God is the source of all law, and that obedience to His revealed will and its application in all areas of our culture, is the only solution to the problems that we face today. Areas to be addressed include family life, bioethics, media, film and music. Dr. Vernier and his wife, Gari, are the grateful parents of 6 home-educated children.

Rev. Bryan Evans

Rev. Bryan J. Evans is a follower of Jesus who believes the Scriptures teach that protecting widows and orphans is true religion. This conviction has led him to devote himself to working with pro-life ministries.

Bryan has served as a Vice President with Samaritan Ministries International for nearly 17 years. He has also served as a Pastor at Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church since 2006. Bryan has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Morning Center since its founding.

He is husband to his loving wife Kim, father of eight children, and grandfather of three grandchildren and counting.


James Lansberry

James Lansberry is executive vice president of Peoria-based Samaritan Ministries International, one of the world’s largest Christian health care sharing organization. He is also the president of the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries and over the past few years has been recognized as an expert in health care policy.

His passion is to see the reclaiming of authentic, private charity, especially in the realm of health care. He and his wife, Theresa, recently launched the Morning Center, a charitable maternity care hospital project, in 2011 under the oversight of Samaritan Ministries. The goal of the Morning Center is to lavish the love of Christ on women in need by providing them high quality, full-service maternity care at no cost to the patient—and without accepting any government funding.

The ministry’s first mobile maternity care unit started serving women and their unborn children in Memphis in 2013, with the Morning Center’s first birth coming in January 2014.

James, Theresa, and their nine children make their home in Peoria, Illinois.

Joe Coletti

Joe Coletti began working with The Morning Center on public policy questions before he joined the board. After years in the auto industry and international policy, he has focused on state-level public policy since 2005 in think tanks, publications, and national organizations. His work on health care policy brought him in contact with Samaritan Ministries and the regulations that affect health care delivery. A native of Michigan, and an adopted son of North Carolina, Joe received his BA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and an MA from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC.

Walter B. Hoye II

Walter B. Hoye II is both President and Founder of the Issues4life Foundation, the California Civil Rights Foundation, Founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California and Core Member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. God used the premature birth of his son to teach him that the fetus is a person, a living, breathing human being. As a young man Walter played football at Michigan State University where he graduated with a master’s degree in sociology in 1980. In 1983 he graduated from the United States International University, now Alliant International University, with a master’s degree in business administration.

Walter and his wife (Lori) were the recipients of the 2014 Students for Life of America’s West Coast Conference Defender of Life Award. In 2013 Walter was recognized by Chicago’s Pro-Life Pro-Family Coalition for his strong stand for life and family. In 2012 Walter was invited by Congressman Allen West to address the “Economic Impact of Abortion” on the Hill in Washington, D.C. In 2011 Walter received the “Hero at Heart” Award from Life Issues Institute to recognize outstanding courage on behalf of innocent life. As author of the book, Leadership from the INSIDE Out, Walter is in demand as a speaker and consultant. Walter is a Christian, married and the father of two adult children. He and his wife, Lori, live in Union City, California.

Col. John Eidsmoe, D.Min

Col. John Eidsmoe, D.Min, is a frequent lecturer and debater at colleges, universities, churches, and civics groups. As a constitutional attorney, he has successfully litigated court cases involving First Amendment religious freedom and has defended home education and Christian schools, championed the right of students and teachers to study the Bible in public schools, debated ACLU attorneys on radio and television, and served on the Ten Commandments Legal Defense Team. He is an ordained pastor in the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, and with his family (he and his wife have been married over 30 years, have three children: David, Kirsten and Justin) he lives in rural Pike Road, Alabama.

He holds five degrees in law, theology, and political science. These include two doctorates, one in law from the University of Iowa, and one in ministry from the Oral Roberts University. He earned his Masters of Divinity degree from Lutheran Brethern Seminary and his Master of Arts degree in biblical studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. His Bachelor of Arts degree in political science is from St. Olaf College. He is also a graduate of the Air Command & Staff College and the Air War College.

He has taught legal history and church history at law schools and seminaries. He currently serves as a professer of constitutional law and related subjects at the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, Faulkner University, Montgomery, Alabama, where his students have twice given him the Outstanding Professor Award. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Birmingham Theological Seminary. A constitutional attorney and retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, Colonel Eidsmoe has also taught church history and other subjects in various seminaries.

He has authored 12 books, including Christianity & the Constitution, Columbus & Cortez, and the video series titled The Institute on the Constitution. A Second Degree Black Belt with the American Taekwondo Foundation, Colonel Eidsmoe also serves as Regional Representative for the Gospel Martial Arts Union, is an avid horseman and skier, and tries to get 8 hours of sleep every week.

Joe Coletti