"We believe a mother and child are created in the image of God
and should be treated with respect at all times."

The Morning Center

How Did The Morning Center Begin?


The Morning Center is a ministry launched by Samaritan Ministries Intermational in 2011 out of love for mothers and their newborns. The Morning Center provides free, full-service maternity care to women in urban and underserved areas and hopes to be an outlet that curbs the growing number of abortions and abortion providers in America.  Because of the program’s success, the Morning Center has grown and now functions as its own stand-alone ministry with the mission of returning charitable maternity care to a private, patient-centered model.

Christians that have joined Samaritan Ministries help one another with their health care needs every month. Without using insurance, members get the medical care they want while receiving prayer, encouragement, and financial support from other members. To learn more about Samaritan Ministries’ Biblical approach to health care, including maternity care, please visit Samaritan Ministries.