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A Not-So-Political Post

By James Lansberry One of the following things is true about you: You haven’t been on Facebook or Twitter AND you haven’t turned on a …

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Morning Center Staff

Chairman’s Note

Chairman’s Note Although I am new to the role of Chairman and President, I am not new to the Morning Center. I have known the …

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Mother's Day

The Struggle For and Joys of Motherhood

Daphne Daphne Harris Nicely, LAS, SRAS Executive Director Atlanta Morning Center Atlanta Morning Center The Lord carried me through numerous difficult and challenging years of …

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Pressing Praying Pushing

Pressing Praying Pushing

By Dr. Katie Mullins We had a tense but exciting event in clinic last week. Our nurses and providers are prepared for emergencies; however, the …

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Catherine Knight

Motherhood is a Journey of Surprise

This is my seasoned wisdom to pass along: You must learn to listen for the surprise or you might miss it. You must learn to …

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Vickie West

Watering The Seed

Much of the work we do at the Morning Center is simply planting the seed.   We rarely see the watering or the end result of …

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Dr. Katie

St. Jude Moms and the Morning Center

We have a really special relationship with St Jude. Their social workers often refer pregnant women to the Morning Center. Most of the women who …

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Mom’s Not A Robot

Are you sure you are not a robot? The Trip Lee song that inspired the title of this post is an creatively excellent explanation of …

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