Watering The Seed

Much of the work we do at the Morning Center is simply planting the seed.   We rarely see the watering or the end result of beautiful growth.  This very fact can be a discouragement to a ministry team.  You can begin to question whether or not you are really helping anyone.  Still, God’s timing is always a perfect gift.  During this Christmas season He allowed Ms. Erma and I to do some of the watering.


Seriously? No Room In the Inn?

Our year end letter is a snapshot capturing the heaviness of some women's lives who pass through the doors of the Morning Center.  I wish the story was made up, and I wish that these challenges were not a common occurrance.  Thank you for taking time to sit in a seat next to one of our clients and hear her story.  You will be blessed.   

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Mom's Not A Robot

Are you sure you are not a robot?