Biblical Counseling

An important aspect of what we provide is biblical and pastoral counsel.  Please note, we do not provide certified counseling services. 

Christian Education

We partner with the "One By One"  ministry to offer Christian mentoring if requested by our patient.  Mentors will meet with a patient once a month during the preganacy and during the first year of the babies life.  One of the really fun things we do in this program is to work with the mother to create a personalized "Baby Book."  In addition to giving the mother a wonderful reminder of the first year of their babies life, it also provides a platform for developing practical life skills, parenting skills, and their value as a human being as demonstrated in the gospel.

Another aspect of our mentoring program, when volunteer resources are available, is our Morning Center Patient Advocates.  This is an extra level of discipleship care where a volunteer will walk alongside the mother through their preganancy and the first year of their babies life. It is intentional Biblical discipleship and practical parenting education.

One of the benefits of this program is the utilization of Hannah's Closet.  We have a point system established to encourage the investment of our patients in cultivating enriched parenting skills.  As they demonstrate responsibility patients earn points that can be used to get high quality super cute baby clothes!