Welcome to the Good Morning Club!

Every Morning with the Morning Center

You asked and we heard you! We have received extensive feedback that many of you are interested in a deeper connection to the ministry. As a result, we have created the “Good Morning Club!” You will get a welcome gift that will serve as a reminder to pray for one minute a day, share more stories more regularly, have devotions to help encourage your time in the morning, and various other things that we think you will appreciate.
Join us in brightening lives by pledging a dollar and a prayer a day.
Click the “Pledge Today” button below to get started!
What you will get
  • A morning-themed welcome gift to inspire your 1 minute commitment
  • Exclusive monthly emails featuring printables to breathe life into your morning
  • Access to exclusive video content to inspire and equip
  • The opportunity to be a beacon of hope to moms who need a little he
What you will give
  • A financial gift of $1 a day, $365 billed annually
  • A commitment to agree along side us in prayer every morning for a minute

Watch God turn our little into BIG!