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About Morning Center

The Morning Center exists to partner with the local Church to provide prenatal through postpartum care to moms in need, in the name of Jesus.


A dawn to a new day for women facing crisis pregnancies. This is our story.

The Morning Center is a ministry launched by Samaritan Ministries Intermational in 2011 out of love for mothers and their newborns. The Morning Center provides prenatal through postpartum care to moms in need, in the name of Jesus, at no charge. The Morning Center hopes to be an outlet that curbs the growing number of abortions and abortion providers in America.

Christians that have joined Samaritan Ministries help one another with their health care needs every month. Without using insurance, members get the medical care they want while receiving prayer, encouragement, and financial support from other members. To learn more about Samaritan Ministries’ Biblical approach to health care, including maternity care, please visit



— Designed by God

We believe a woman’s body has been perfectly designed by God for birth, and in normal circumstances, a baby can be born with no medical intervention.

— Responsibility

We believe the mother and father are responsible for their own child. The parents should have the expert advice of the presiding medical care professional and make their own decisions on how labor and birth should proceed.

— Labor

We believe a labor should proceed at its own pace. The speed of labor and birth should not be changed except, or by mutual agreement of that of the mother and the presiding medical professional.

— Intervention

We believe even minor medical interventions during labor often lead to other more invasive interventions and should be avoided whenever possible.

— Family & Community

We believe a woman and baby thrive surrounded by the loving support of family and community. Our care and facilities will enable that support rather than hinder it. When that support is not available to a mother in labor, we will offer ours.

— Responsive & Flexible

We believe each birthing experience is as unique as each woman in labor, and our staff will be responsive and flexible to the particular needs of each mother.


Who is the typical Morning Center Patient?

 No matter who they are and where they have been, we believe that the mothers and children we serve were created in the image of God and should be treated with respect at all times.


Prenatal Visits

Lab Work


Postpartum Care

Spiritual Care

Educational Classes

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