Lesson Learned

Sometimes, seeing a patient come in again and again with new pregnancies can be discouraging, especially when they know they don’t want to put themselves through the cycle again. 

A particular patient MaryElena, our staff member, was working with had again voiced she was interested in going to church, and said she knew she needed Jesus. They sat down together and talked about how she could come to know Jesus. Previously, her only experience with any kind of Church was with Jehovah’s Witnesses. The patient explained she knew something was off because that church would only help their own, but she had seen how the Morning Center treats people and cares for them no matter what they believe.

After the gospel was shared with the patient, she said that she felt ‘Unworthy of Jesus’. MaryElena explained that no one is worthy, but when we accept Christ, God sees Christ in us, not our unworthiness. On hearing this, she voiced her desire for her children to know the truth, and grow up knowing the Lord. She was given a Bible, as well as a children’s Bible so she could begin to learn and teach her children as well. The initial discouragement MaryElena had felt quickly turned to encouragement, the work of the Lord clear to see in the patient’s life.

Sometimes, it takes a few times around before a lesson is learned. We have to trust that God’s plan is the best plan, and do everything we can to help while we wait on the Holy Spirit to change hearts. Love and prayer for everyone who comes in our doors goes a long way!