Pressing Praying Pushing

By Dr. Katie Mullins

We had a tense but exciting event in clinic last week. Our nurses and providers are prepared for emergencies; however, the plan is for our patients not to deliver in the middle of the clinic!

Our story starts back in June of 2017. Monica* came to us with a crisis early in the pregnancy. Having several children already, she just did not feel she could handle another child with her current circumstances. She was overwhelmed, and had severe morning sickness which amplified her anxieties. She felt life pressing in on her. Monica had also been through an abortion. Everywhere she went she carried the from that decision. This is the core of what it means to be abortion vulnerable.

Can you imagine being in that situation? It was easy to understand why she felt broken and scared during her first appointment. Our midwife, Rebecca, saw tended to her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We prayed with her, and prayed for her many times in the weeks that followed. She became very dear to us. It was such an incredible moment when we found out that she had chosen life for her baby! Praise the Lord!

Monica came for regular care and was being seen weekly at the end of pregnancy. When she walked into clinic last week, I happened to be standing at the front desk. She appeared to be in pain, and I thought to myself, “This is someone in active labor.” We walked her very slowly back to the clinic room and started her normal routine. I noticed she had already been dilated the week before. I got concerned that we should quickly see how dilated she was, but as she walked into the room, her water broke! There was no time to lose.

We knew she needed to get to the hospital quickly; however, we didn’t think she could make it without an ambulance. We called 911 and were told there would be a wait because the roads are slippery because of a winter storm!

She continued to have contractions every 2 minutes. First responders arrived after 10 minutes, and they quickly called the ambulance to “encourage” them to hurry. Monica was quickly progressing. Once the ambulance arrived, we had made the decision that I would ride along to the hospital. I did not want to deliver a baby in the ambulance, but the paramedics didn’t want to either. They were happy to have an MD ride along. Plus, I did not want Monica to be alone in active labor.

As we rode to the hospital, Monica and I had the chance to pray. We ask the Lord for protection over her baby and over the situation at hand. We talked about how God has been her provider from the beginning of the pregnancy. The EMTs observed as we breathed through contractions, and as she looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I need to PUSH!”
We were able to convince her not to push, thank God.

We arrived at the hospital, and Monica was immediately ready. One push and her hlittle girl’s head was out; then her little body quickly delivered. The cry that came shortly afterwards was music to my ears. We had made it to the hospital with just minutes to spare, and we had a healthy baby girl. God is so good! She looked at me and said tearfully, “ I love ya’ll. Thank you so much for being there for me!”

(*name changed for privacy)