Watering The Seed

Much of the work we do at the Morning Center is simply planting the seed.   We rarely see the watering or the end result of beautiful growth.  This very fact can be a discouragement to a ministry team.  You can begin to question whether or not you are really helping anyone.  Still, God’s timing is always a perfect gift.  During this Christmas season He allowed Ms. Erma and I to do some of the watering.

A former patient (Her sweet baby is 7 months old now!) came by just to talk with someone.  During the holiday season we were working on a limited staff.  Ms. Erma was trying to handle this and the nursery at the same time.  If you have ever taken care of more than three kids you know it can get really crazy, really fast!  She was overwhelmed and called me at home.  I had the day off, but upon receiving her call I knew I needed to head to the Morning Center clinic to lend a hand.

Before I go on think about this, this woman came by to talk with the Morning Center team.  Why?  It is because she knows that we really care.

When I arrived we exchanged the regular niceties and quickly went to deeper discussion.  She said that she wanted to change her life and she was convinced that we could help her do that because we were different from the other “Christians” she new.  I had the opportunity to share the plan of salvation with her and to explain it in detail.  She lives close to Leawood so I invited her and her 3 children to come to visit Leawood.  She was not ready to make the decision, but the Spirit was certainly working in her, and it is God who brings the growth.  We exchanged phone numbers and she agreed to attend on the following Sunday.  We texted back and forth and on Sunday she attended Bible Study and then church with me!  She was crying softly during the invitation but was not ready to go forward. 

This was two weeks ago and I have continued texting but she has not responded.  She is being torn in many different directions.  I really feel for her.  We are continuing to reach out and praying God will send others into her life who will continue to water this seed and for the one who will reap this harvest.  Please pray with us for this mom and her family.